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dsZipMmap Class Reference

#include <dsZipMmap.h>

Inheritance diagram for dsZipMmap:

dsMmapAnon dsMmap List of all members.

Public Methods

 dsZipMmap (const char *path, const mode_t openmode=0444, const int flags=0, const int advize=MADV_NORMAL)
 ~dsZipMmap ()
dsMmapsrc ()
int type ()
int zipSeek (char *file)
int zipSeek (size_t offs)
int zipSeek (ZIPFILE *zf)
void zipPack (char *buf, local_header *fi)
void mapCreate (const size_t size, const int advize=MADV_NORMAL)
void mapResize (size_t newsize)
int fd ()
char operator[] (int i)
void operator+= (int i)
 operator char * ()
 operator size_t ()
char * ptr ()
size_t size ()

Protected Methods

void zipReadFile (char *ptr)
void gzRead ()
virtual void mapCreate (const int fd, const size_t size, const mode_t openmode=0444, const int advize=MADV_NORMAL)
int getPageSize ()
virtual void mapDestroy (bool close_fd=false)
virtual void fileResize (size_t new_size)

Protected Attributes

int _fd
char * _filename
mode_t _mode
size_t _pagesize
size_t _pages
char * _ptr
size_t _size
int _advize
bool _close_fd


class dsMmapStreambuf

Detailed Description

Allow transparent mmaped usage of zip archive (require zlib)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

dsZipMmap::dsZipMmap const char *    path,
const mode_t    openmode = 0444,
const int    flags = 0,
const int    advize = MADV_NORMAL

dsZipMmap::~dsZipMmap   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

int dsMmap::fd   [inline, inherited]

void dsMmap::fileResize size_t    new_size [protected, virtual, inherited]

int dsMmap::getPageSize   [protected, inherited]

void dsZipMmap::gzRead   [protected]

void dsMmap::mapCreate const int    fd,
const size_t    size,
const mode_t    openmode = 0444,
const int    advize = MADV_NORMAL
[protected, virtual, inherited]

void dsMmapAnon::mapCreate const size_t    size,
const int    advize = MADV_NORMAL

void dsMmap::mapDestroy bool    close_fd = false [protected, virtual, inherited]

void dsMmapAnon::mapResize size_t    newsize [virtual, inherited]

Reimplemented from dsMmap.

dsMmap::operator char *   [inline, inherited]

dsMmap::operator size_t   [inline, inherited]

void dsMmap::operator+= int    i [inline, inherited]

char dsMmap::operator[] int    i [inline, inherited]

char* dsMmap::ptr   [inline, inherited]

size_t dsMmap::size   [inline, inherited]

dsMmap* dsZipMmap::src   [inline]

int dsZipMmap::type   [inline]

ZIPFILE * dsZipMmap::zipList ZIPFILE   zf

void dsZipMmap::zipPack char *    buf,
local_header   fi

void dsZipMmap::zipReadFile char *    ptr [protected]

int dsZipMmap::zipSeek ZIPFILE   zf [inline]

int dsZipMmap::zipSeek size_t    offs [inline]

int dsZipMmap::zipSeek char *    file

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class dsMmapStreambuf [friend, inherited]

Member Data Documentation

int dsMmap::_advize [protected, inherited]

bool dsMmap::_close_fd [protected, inherited]

int dsMmap::_fd [protected, inherited]

char* dsMmap::_filename [protected, inherited]

mode_t dsMmap::_mode [protected, inherited]

size_t dsMmap::_pages [protected, inherited]

size_t dsMmap::_pagesize [protected, inherited]

char* dsMmap::_ptr [protected, inherited]

size_t dsMmap::_size [protected, inherited]

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