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autostr Class Reference

Just another "string" class. It has been written when the world was young enough. More...

#include <dsutil.h>

List of all members.

Public Methods

 autostr ()
 autostr (const char *src)
 autostr (char *src, int size)
 autostr (int size)
 ~autostr ()
char * sprintf (char *format,...)
char & operator[] (int i)
autostr & operator+ (char *ns)
autostr & operator+ (autostr &as)
autostr & operator= (char *src)
autostr & dup (char *src)
int size ()
void ncpy (char *src, int n)
char * c_str ()
 operator char * ()
 operator int ()
int operator== (char *ns)
int operator!= (char *ns)

Detailed Description

The main purpose of this class is create auto destried dynamic string,
See also:
I don't try overgo GNU Strings but ...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

autostr::autostr   [inline]

Create empty autostr object

autostr::autostr const char *    src

Create autostr object and copy src inside


autostr::autostr char *    src,
int    size

Create autostr object and copy substring of src of length size inside


autostr::autostr int    size

Create autostr object and allocate size bytes


autostr::~autostr   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

char* autostr::c_str   [inline]

return pointer to str

autostr& autostr::dup char *    src [inline]

create another autostr object pointer to the same data

void autostr::ncpy char *    src,
int    n

copy substring of src of length n inside

autostr::operator char *   [inline]

autostr::operator int   [inline]

return length of string, not size of object

int autostr::operator!= char *    ns [inline]

autostr& autostr::operator+ autostr &    as

autostr & autostr::operator+ char *    ns

append struing ns. Internal string copyed to new location. Very expensive operation.

autostr & autostr::operator= char *    src

compare two autostr like strcmp(2)

int autostr::operator== char *    ns [inline]

do strcmp

char & autostr::operator[] int    i

return i-th character from start if i > 0 and i-th character from and if i < 0


int autostr::size   [inline]

return size

char * autostr::sprintf char *    format,

see sprintf(2). Size of result not checked.

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