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dsGetopt Class Reference

#include <dsGetopt.h>

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Public Methods

 dsGetopt (int argc, char **argv)
virtual int next (char *optstr)
char * optarg ()
int optind ()

Detailed Description

This class is designed to provide portable, C++ version of getopt Now it operates only in posix standard "REQUIRE_ORDER" mode, i. e. first non-option argument stops option processing. Argv[0] ignored.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

dsGetopt::dsGetopt int    argc,
char **    argv

Construct an object, set argc and argv for future processing

argc argument count
argv pointer to argument array
dsGetoptException if no arguments given

Member Function Documentation

int dsGetopt::next char *    optstr [virtual]

Return next option

optstr getopt option string

char* dsGetopt::optarg   [inline]

argument of last option

int dsGetopt::optind   [inline]

iposition of last option

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