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dsHtmlElements Class Reference

#include <dsCGI.h>

List of all members.

Public Methods

void form (std::ostream &os, char *name, char *method, char *action)
void formClose (std::ostream &os)
void table (std::ostream &os, int spacing=0, int padding=0, int border=0)
void tableClose (std::ostream &os)
void hidden (std::ostream &os, char *name, char *value)
void input (std::ostream &os, char *label, char *name, char *invalue="")
void combo (std::ostream &os, char *label, char *name, char *optlist, char *selected="")
void text (std::ostream &os, char *label, char *name, char *invalue="")
void submit (std::ostream &os, char *text, char *name="submit")

Detailed Description

Write elements of common html form, it handle only one case, most suitable for system cgi:

Typical page produced by this set of functions looks like:

<INPUT type=hidden ...
Label1<INPUT name="name1" ... ...

Member Function Documentation

void dsHtmlElements::combo std::ostream &    os,
char *    label,
char *    name,
char *    optlist,
char *    selected = ""

Draw combo, optlist format key=val;key=val;key;key;

void dsHtmlElements::form std::ostream &    os,
char *    name,
char *    method,
char *    action

Write hidden field

void dsHtmlElements::formClose std::ostream &    os [inline]

void dsHtmlElements::hidden std::ostream &    os,
char *    name,
char *    value

void dsHtmlElements::input std::ostream &    os,
char *    label,
char *    name,
char *    invalue = ""

Write input box field,
be opened before first function call

void dsHtmlElements::submit std::ostream &    os,
char *    text,
char *    name = "submit"

void dsHtmlElements::table std::ostream &    os,
int    spacing = 0,
int    padding = 0,
int    border = 0

void dsHtmlElements::tableClose std::ostream &    os [inline]

void dsHtmlElements::text std::ostream &    os,
char *    label,
char *    name,
char *    invalue = ""

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