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dsPopen Class Reference

#include <dsPopen.h>

List of all members.

Public Methods

int break_up (const char *str, char *argv[], int max_args)
void clean (char *argv[])
FILE * open (char *program, char *env, char *type)
FILE * open (char *program, char *type)
void open2 (char *program, char *env, FILE **sf, FILE **df)
void open2 (char *program, FILE **sf, FILE **df)
int close (FILE *iop)
int close2 (FILE *sf, FILE *df)

Detailed Description

advanced popen routine, it's not replacement for standard one but sometime is very usefull because it don't run shell and redirect to pipe fd both stderr and stdout

Member Function Documentation

int dsPopen::break_up const char *    str,
char *    argv[],
int    max_args

Break argument string like "-s 123 -q werty" into argv[] array each argument copied into dynamic string.

void dsPopen::clean char *    argv[]

delete dynamic arguments, after call of break_up()

int dsPopen::close FILE *    iop

int dsPopen::close2 FILE *    sf,
FILE *    df

FILE* dsPopen::open char *    program,
char *    type

FILE * dsPopen::open char *    program,
char *    env,
char *    type

void dsPopen::open2 char *    program,
FILE **    sf,
FILE **    df

void dsPopen::open2 char *    program,
char *    env,
FILE **    sf,
FILE **    df

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