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dsSQLAccessor Class Reference

This class support common interface to cal SP on different SQL servers. This SQL API designed to make access to DBApi simple. More...

#include <dsSQLAccessor.h>

Inheritance diagram for dsSQLAccessor:

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Protected Methods

virtual void Connect (const char *database, const char *username, const char *password, const int flags)=0
virtual void Cleanup ()=0
virtual void Execute (void *stmtp, int PrefetchRows, int CommitOnSuccess)=0

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

virtual void dsSQLAccessor::Cleanup   [protected, pure virtual]

Close connection and cleanup memory

Implemented in dsOCI.

virtual void dsSQLAccessor::Connect const char *    database,
const char *    username,
const char *    password,
const int    flags
[protected, pure virtual]

Connect client to database

Implemented in dsOCI.

virtual void dsSQLAccessor::Execute void *    stmtp,
int    PrefetchRows,
int    CommitOnSuccess
[protected, pure virtual]

Execute query,
See dsSPWrapper

Implemented in dsOCI.

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