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dsStrstreambuf Class Reference

#include <dsStrstream.h>

Inheritance diagram for dsStrstreambuf:

streambuf List of all members.

Public Methods

 dsStrstreambuf (size_t initial_size=_DS_SEGMENT_SIZE)
 __int64 const std::_Fpz = 0;

 dsStrstreambuf (const dsStrstreambuf *src)
 dsStrstreambuf (p_alloc cust_alloc, p_free cust_free)
 dsStrstreambuf (char *gnext, std::streampos n, char *pbeg)
 dsStrstreambuf (const char *gnext, std::streampos n)
virtual ~dsStrstreambuf ()
int frozen ()
void freeze (bool n=true)
size_t pcount ()
char * str ()
int overflow (int ch)
int underflow ()
int pbackfail (int c)
std::streampos seekoff (std::streamoff off, std::ios::seekdir dir, std::ios::openmode mode)
std::streampos seekpos (std::streamoff off, std::ios::openmode mode)
void setseg (size_t new_size=_DS_SEGMENT_SIZE)
void clear ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

dsStrstreambuf::dsStrstreambuf size_t    initial_size = _DS_SEGMENT_SIZE [explicit]

dsStrstreambuf::dsStrstreambuf const dsStrstreambuf *    src

dsStrstreambuf::dsStrstreambuf p_alloc    cust_alloc,
p_free    cust_free

dsStrstreambuf::dsStrstreambuf char *    gnext,
std::streampos    n,
char *    pbeg

dsStrstreambuf::dsStrstreambuf const char *    gnext,
std::streampos    n

dsStrstreambuf::~dsStrstreambuf   [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void dsStrstreambuf::clear  

void dsStrstreambuf::freeze bool    n = true

int dsStrstreambuf::frozen  

int dsStrstreambuf::overflow int    ch

int dsStrstreambuf::pbackfail int    c

size_t dsStrstreambuf::pcount  

streampos dsStrstreambuf::seekoff std::streamoff    off,
std::ios::seekdir    dir,
std::ios::openmode    mode

std::streampos dsStrstreambuf::seekpos std::streamoff    off,
std::ios::openmode    mode

void dsStrstreambuf::setseg size_t    new_size = _DS_SEGMENT_SIZE

char * dsStrstreambuf::str  

int dsStrstreambuf::underflow  

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