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dsWordSource Class Reference

#include <dsWordSource.h>

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Public Methods

 dsWordSource (const char *filename, const char *dlm="$@#%&*.,<>?!~;':\"[]{}\\/|+=_-()\t\r\n")
 current delemiters

 ~dsWordSource ()
const char * next ()
void reset ()

Public Attributes

unsigned wordcnt
unsigned linecnt
 current word position

const char * delems
 current line position

Detailed Description

Simple way to read text file word by word usefull for quick parsers

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

dsWordSource::dsWordSource const char *    filename,
const char *    dlm = "$@#%&*.,<>?!~;':\"[]{}\\/|+=_-()\t\r\n"


filename - name of file to open
dlm - (optional) string containing word delimiters
wsException - if file couldn't be open


Member Function Documentation

const char * dsWordSource::next  

read next word word placed into internal buffer of 256 chars length

read word

void dsWordSource::reset  

reset file pointer

Member Data Documentation

const char* dsWordSource::delems

unsigned dsWordSource::linecnt

unsigned dsWordSource::wordcnt

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