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pr_member_create Class Reference

#include <pr_member_create.h>

Inheritance diagram for pr_member_create:

dsSPWrapper List of all members.

Public Methods

virtual void Dump (ostream &os)
virtual void Execute (dsOCI *pg)
 pr_member_create (dsCGI *cgi)

Public Attributes

SQLOUT long member_id
SQLIN char first_name [71]
SQLIN char last_name [71]
SQLIN char e_mail [130]
SQLIN char phone [65]
SQLIN char member_login [31]
SQLIN char member_password [31]
SQLIN char country_tag [5]
SQLIN char zip_code [31]
SQLIN char address [257]
SQLIN char city [71]
SQLIN char state_tag [5]
SQLIN char signup_key [64]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pr_member_create::pr_member_create dsCGI   cgi [inline]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void pr_member_create::Dump ostream &    os [inline, virtual]

virtual void pr_member_create::Execute dsOCI   pg [inline, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

SQLIN char pr_member_create::address[257]

SQLIN char pr_member_create::city[71]

SQLIN char pr_member_create::country_tag[5]

SQLIN char pr_member_create::e_mail[130]

SQLIN char pr_member_create::first_name[71]

SQLIN char pr_member_create::last_name[71]

SQLOUT long pr_member_create::member_id

SQLIN char pr_member_create::member_login[31]

SQLIN char pr_member_create::member_password[31]

SQLIN char pr_member_create::phone[65]

SQLIN char pr_member_create::signup_key[64]

SQLIN char pr_member_create::state_tag[5]

SQLIN char pr_member_create::zip_code[31]

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