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dsAES.h File Reference

#include <dsCypher.h>

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class  dsAES


#define KEYLENGTH(keybits)   ((keybits)/8)
#define RKLENGTH(keybits)   ((keybits)/8+28)
#define NROUNDS(keybits)   ((keybits)/32+6)
#define dsCypher_AES_OPTIMIZE_SPEED

Define Documentation

#define dsCypher_AES_OPTIMIZE_SPEED

#define KEYLENGTH keybits       ((keybits)/8)

This class is implementation of AES (Rijndael 128bit) encryption algorithm.

This code based on: public domain implementation by Philip J. Erdelsky and Optimised ANSI C code for the Rijndael cipher (now AES) Vincent Rijmen, Antoon Bosselaers, Paulo Barreto

#define NROUNDS keybits       ((keybits)/32+6)

#define RKLENGTH keybits       ((keybits)/8+28)

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